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Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam

  • Graphic design
  • Illustration and book design
  • Painting

Graphic design, illustration, book-design, typography and printing techniques had my special focus. In the third year I was encouraged to also take painting classes by one of my teachers who noticed my talent for portraiture. I owe a lot not only to my teachers but also to the fantastic workshop assistants at the diverse lithography, book-print and offset printing presses, who where such knowledgeable, talented, patient craftsman and are very hard to find nowadays.


Apprenticeship year

  • Illustrator and book designer for Masada, Tel Aviv Israel
  • Technical assistant at various printing companies
  • Drawings of musicians of The Amsterdam Philharmonic Orchestra during rehearsal
  • Commission for large overview drawings of diamond cutting factories


Graduation Rietveld Academy

  • Graphic design
  • Book design and Illustration
  • Painting

Art history paper, "Development of portraiture in the early Renaissance in Italy"


Graphic design and Illustration

  • Technical and typographical work at various printing companies
  • Illustrations for various publishers e.g. Nijgh en Van Ditmar, Amsterdam
  • Illustrations for children's magazine "Pilon", Tel Aviv

Painting and drawing

  • Various commissions for portrait paintings and drawings
  • Drawings of musicians of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra
  • Drawings and paintings of break-dancers and ballet dancers



  • Exhibition, Ganei Yehoshua Art Pavilion, Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Exhibition, Jerusalem Theatre, Jerusalem, Israel


Illustration and typography for various publishers

  • Gooi en Sticht, Hilversum, Netherlands, Meulenhoff Educatief, Amsterdam, Bohn Stafleu van Loghum, Houten, Netherlands, Malmberg, Den Bosch, Netherlands, De Vries Brouwers, Antwerpen, Belgium

Free and commissioned art

  • Drawings, pastels and woodcuts of ballet and jazz dancers
  • Various portrait painting commissions



  • Exhibition, Galerie Kwartijn, Amsterdam
  • Exhibition, Ina Broerse, Laren, Netherlands
  • Exhibition, Concertgebouw Amsterdam
  • Second exhibition, Ina Broerse, Laren, Netherlands
  • Second exhibition, Galerie Kwartijn Amsterdam


Book design, typography and illustration

  • Research, Book design, illustration and authorship of 'De Amsterdamse Diamantbeurs' (The Amsterdam Diamond Exchange) Commissioned by the Stadsdrukkerij Amsterdam on the occasion of the 100 year anniversary of The Amsterdam Diamond Exchange.

Commissioned art

  • Design and execution of paintings in Japanese style for the entrance of "HB coiffures" in the Hilton Hotel Amsterdam.
  • Design and execution of wall paintings in Greek style, "HB coiffures"in the World Trade Centre, Amsterdam


Exhibitions, presentations

  • Presentation of the book 'De Amsterdamse Diamantbeurs', Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam
  • Exhibition, Neuchâtel Art 1990
  • Exhibition, Romy Goldmunz Centre, Antwerpen, Belgium
  • Exhibition, Le Régent Centre de l' Art et Expositions, Crans, Switzerland


Organisation and design

  • Design and organisation of an exhibition on the history of The Amsterdam Diamond Exchange, in commission by a division of the Amsterdam municipality

Sketching and illustration

  • Rough man and illustrator for various advertising agencies i.a.: Van Daalen & Partners, DDB Needham, Ogilvy and Mather
  • Exclusive limited edition relief print, to serve as a promotional gift. Commissioned by advertising agency Van Daalen & Partners Amsterdam

Commissioned art and design

  • Design and execution of rotating translucent panels for the entrance of "Images Coiffures" Amsterdam
  • Various portrait commissions, i.a. Prof. De Bree, Manchester University


Product design

  • Design, development and prototype building of light and panel system Trilight©®
  • Design and development of aluminium frames for proprietary light and panel system Trilight©®. Advice and funding, Innovation Centre, Amsterdam
  • Production of Trilight©® system

Commissioned art and design

  • Design and execution of an illuminated ceiling
  • Portrait commissions in New York, USA
  • Trompe l'œil and matching Trilight©® lamps in eclectic style

Free art

  • Large oil Paintings and triptych: 'Lovers'



  • Exhibition, Galerie Bruno Boersma, Hilversum, Netherlands
  • Exhibition, De Kring, Amsterdam
  • Presentation of the Trilight system by the Amsterdam Innovation Centre, in 'Rivier Staete', Amsterdam


Product design

  • Indoor BV purchases a licence to the Trilight system for production and use in their projects
  • Design and development of new ideas for Trilight system together with Indoor BV

Commissioned art

  • Portrait commission, Dr. J. Klomp, Academy of Obstetrics, Amsterdam
  • Portrait of Prof. J. Bennebroek Gravenhorst, Leiden Academic Hospital, Netherlands
  • Painted Trilight lamps in commission. Vienna, Austria

Free art

  • Self-portrait with Trilight lamps, oil on canvas



  • Exhibition, Indoor BV, Amsterdam
  • Exhibition, Ministry of Traffic and Transport, The Hague, Netherlands
  • Exhibition, Kunsthuis Theo Hubens, Maastricht


Commissioned design projects

  • Mood-boards for Libertel (now Vodafone), Nieuwe Oogst, Amsterdam
  • Diverse Web projects as freelance team member
  • Graphic design of various brochures and house styles (i.a. Screentec bv)
  • Graphic design of management training material for Geuzinge & Groeneveld
  • Logo 'Future Development Products' (management training publications)

Art projects

  • Various portrait drawings in commission
  • Drawings during rehearsals of the Orchestra of the 18th century
  • Oil sketchings of artist studios


Graphic and Web design, illustration and DTP

  • Design and DTP, various productions for printing company Mart.Spruijt BV (i.a. Akzo Nobel, Thoth, KLM, DuoDuo)
  • CD cover illustration for 'Swewe en Swerve', poetic songs from and about South Africa, Muziekgroep Nederland
  • Graphic design, presentation material for a concept organization for corporate and fashion events, Farzin Creative Solutions
  • Graphic design, PowerPoint presentation for Raybin Soest bv, Netherlands
  • diverse Web projects as freelance team member for several clients
  • Web design and production of my own website

Commissioned portrait

  • Portrait of prof. Brian Sutcliffe and his wife, Brussels, Belgium



  • Exhibition, Museon, The Hague, Netherlands
  • Presentation portrait of prof. Anna Sågvall Hein, Uppsala, Sweden


Graphic and web-design, DTP and Illustration

  • DTP productions for Mart.Spruijt BV (e.g. Akzo Nobel, Thoth, De Revisor, KLM)
  • Series of 40 Illustrations for Publisher: ThiemeMeulenhoff. (Leeslijn, Leerboek 4)
  • Illustrations for Guess and Ti Sento (IBB Amsterdam BV)
  • Studying Flash ActionScript 3.0 and developing new interactive animations for educational purposes.
  • Designing a complete deck of cards for use in a Flash animation game project. Writing the Actionscript game logic.

Commissioned portraits, design and art

  • Portrait of prof. Anna Sågvall Hein, Dean of the Faculty of Languages, Uppsala University, Sweden
  • Design and supervision of the execution of a gravestone in glass (executed by Van Tetterode Glass Objects, Amsterdam).
  • Brush-drawings of performances of dance group AYA and dancer/choreographer Regilio Sedoc


Retreat, new creations

  • 2 months stay in Arcos de la Frontera, Spain, finding rest and inspiration for new work.
  • Drawings of eroded landscapes.
  • Working on Pastels of musicians and brush drawings of dancers during rehearsals.
  • Preparing a new exhibition planned for autumn 2008

Web development and design

  • Studying ColdFusion and later PHP and MySQL, for building content management (CSM) based websites.
  • House-style and website of RedDotFinder (an ICT, data-recovery and -protection company).
  • Building a dynamic (CMS based) website for composer Konrad Boehmer.



  • Exhibition in September 2008 in Maastricht at Kunsthuis Theo Hubens, with a complete series of pastels of various scenes during rehearsals of the Orchestra of the 18th Century.
  • Interview for Dutch Radio 4 "Viertakt" on the exhibition in Maastricht.


Art projects, 3D modeling and animation

  • Portrait drawing commission of a man with his three Gordon Setters.
  • Studying animation and rigging in Anime Pro (now Moho Pro).
  • Preparing 2D animations (Dancers, Triplets, card deck figures).

Design and development

  • Building the Flash website of design and advertisement agency SameSame.
  • Studying HTML5 and CSS3 to prepare myself for future changes on the web.
  • Building several responsive websites for advertisement agency and design studio SameSame.


2D and 3D modeling and animation preparation

  • Studying 3D modeling and texturing in zBrush.
  • Trying out several 3D animation programs like LightWave, Poser Pro, Blender, Houdini.
  • Studying rigging and animation in Poser Pro and Blender.
  • Modeling, texturing and rigging weeping willow and several test characters. Building assets and landscapes.

Web design and development

  • Building an iPhone app Cardcha for designer/composer Eelco Claassen of ThemeSake theming and production company (unfortunately Eelco has discontinued Cardcha after several iOS updates).
  • Several partial Wordpress projects and various other technical projects like improving and extending jQuery plug-ins for several clients.


Illustration and writing

  • Writing and sketching for my new children's book project.

Web design and development

  • Building and designing an educational WordPress membership website for learning Latin translation, Academisch Studie- en Uitgeefcentrum Amsterdam.
  • Building the website for Signshop. Amsterdam.
  • Exploring Three.js, Blend4Web and Verge3D for creating 3D web experiences.
  • Modernizing my own website by making it larger, responsive and adding other features.

2D and 3D modeling and animation

  • Modeling, dressing, and rigging 3D mascot figures, in preparation for small animations for design and advertisement agency SameSame.
  • Lettering for 3D printing for Signshop Amsterdam.
  • Flying bicycle and 2D bird-flight animation in Moho Pro.
  • Designing modeling and rigging several characters, a little fantasy vehicle and a Baroque Viola da Gamba. In preparation for animations.
  • Retopologising and texturing in 3DCoat..
  • Moving models and assets to my favorite program Blender. Re-rigging and weight painting in Blender.


Book creation and 3D Web applications:

  • Illustrations, outlining, storyboarding, animatics and lay-out for an interactive children's book (in production).
  • Faun da Gamba Interactive 3D web application.
  • myVehicle Fantasy interactive 3D web application.
  • Card deck Theatre Interactive 2D ⁄ 3D web application with dynamics.
  • Dreamy Journey New Years wishes for 2020. Interactive 3D web application.
  • myVehicle VR experience WebXR VR application.
  • "Taking flight" Interactive 3D web application (in production).
  • "Illussimo's Studio" WebXR VR application (in production).


Verge3D Conference and tutorial on Vimeo

  • Presentation: Porting 2D vector based content to Verge3D.
  • View the presentation on YouTube.
  • View the tutorial on Vimeo.

Blender Conference 2019

  • Lightning Talk: Creating WebGL applications with the help of Verge3D addon for Blender.


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  • Illustrations, 3D modeling and lay-out for my book
  • Animation Viola da Gamba story-boarding and animatics
  • SameSame mascot animatics.

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