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My Design

Graphic design was my first choice when I started studying at the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. I wanted to do something practical with my talents.
I loved nicely designed books, packaging, brochures, posters, was fascinated by all the techniques surrounding the printing process.
I learned typography the traditional way, like drawing letters by hand and type-setting with lead. After my studies I worked in traditional book printing for a quite while.
Even though the printing process has come a long way and the computer plays a large role, the way I learned typography and overall design are the solid foundation to build upon. A computer is merely a wonderful tool to make the process faster and more efficient.
Though I liked traditional book printing I embraced the computer in the eighties when its use was still limited. I knew it was the start of a new era and for me, a move to more fields of interest.
Now the computer helps me to take full control over what I want to accomplish and the limitations are few.

I like to break rules in a subtle way. My designs are varied because my clients come from a variety of sectors and I let myself be inspired by them.