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The printing process has a long and fascinating history. One of the earliest and simplest forms of printing is block printing. With this simple form of printing the Japanese created highly sophisticated works of art.
The strong lines and forms of the dancers in my drawings were perfect for making woodcuts to be hand printed on Japanese rice paper.
The prints I make are in simple black and white or in two colors only but the Japanese printing technique is perfect to get the right results.
Linocuts give a different effect and are easier to carve and print so I experimented with that as well. I prefer the results of the woodcuts. Linocuts were nice to print on t-shirts, for which I designed them as well.
During the last 12 years digital printing has developed considerably so hand printing t-shirts is not a practical thing to do.

I don’t do any hand printing anymore but the style of the wood and lino-cuts forms a foundation for some of the animations I’m currently working on.