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Illustration and drawing

Drawing people has always been an important part of my life. When I was small, like many other children I scribbled on anything and with anything I could lay my hands on. Luckily I was not punished but encouraged by my parents and paper and pencils were quickly bought, not only trying save the wallpaper...
I mostly wanted to spend my days alone drawing or investigating all kinds of technical things. I loved solitude (I still do). In contrast, I always drew people and was interested in people, sometimes talking to perfect strangers and discovering a world behind them. Coming home after exploring, I went back to my pencils and paper.
Loving books with illustrations I hoped that one day I could make such books or play a part in their production and printing. So, in choosing my profession I naturally combined graphic design with illustration. The atmosphere of people practising their profession is what fascinates me and it is often the subject of my drawings but as an illustrator I take on many other subjects.